Podcasts About Podcasting

In a recent episode of the School of Podcasting I mentioned a bunch of Podcasts that talk about Podcasting. Here is the list

Active “how to” Podcasts

School of Podcasting’s Morning Announcements – Free Podcasting Tips – David Jackson (Mine)

Ask the Podcast Coach – Free Podcast Consulting -Dave Jackson & Jim Collison

The Audacity to Podcast – Feature tips on Podcasting and Audacity software – Daniel J Lewis

The Podcaster’s Studio – Tips and Insights – Great Video Tips – Ray Ortega

Podcast Answer Man – Grow your business focused – Cliff Ravenscraft

The Feed – Podcast from Podcast Hosting Company Libsyn.com

The New Media Show – Hall of Famer Todd Cochran and Rob Greenlee

PowerPress Podcast – Bi-Weekly Podcast Tips from the team at BluBrry

Podcasters Rountable – Discussing Issues Podcaster’s Face

Podcast Talent Coach – How to make engaging content with Erik K. Johnson

Podcast Help Desk – Podcasting Technology – Michael Dell

The Podcast Report – Insights About Podcasting Paul Colligan

The Show Runner – Jerod Morris, Jon Nastor

Podcastification – Carey Green

She Podcasts – Jessica Kupferman and Elsie Escobar

Mike Murphy Unplugged – Mike Murphy

Podcast Engineering School – Process and Gear Talk – Chris Curran

Mic Science – Vernon Foster

The Talent Show  – All about making better content – Michael Sharkey


Podcaster’s Being Interviewed

Authority Engine – Accelerate Your Business with Podcasting

Show Me Your Mic – Part of the SSKTN network

Podcasting101 – Interview of other podcasters

Podcast Junkies – Henry

Podcast Producers – Very Well Produced podcast.


Occasional Episodes

More Podcast Money – Generating Income with your Podcast – Dave Jackson

Podcast Reporter – Podcasting News Fred Castenada


On Hiatus (Podfaded)

Podcast 411 – First Podcast about Podcasting

Podcaster’s Emporium – In Depth discussion  -James Williams and Dave Gray (Last Podcast 10/2011)

The Podcast Guy – Dave Thackery (Podfaded)

Podcast Starter – Podcasting Tips and insights – James Kennison (Site Down?).

Podcasting Passion – Max Flight Interview Show

Power of Podcasting – Podcast Success Stories – David Jackson

How to Make Podcasts Like a Pro – Interviews and tips – Dan Lyons

Podcasting Advisor – Tips and Interviews About Podcasting -Andrew White (Last Podcast 3/2012)

Art of Podcasting – Podcasting How Tos – The Might Quin (Last Episode in May)

Be a Better Podcaster – Daniel M. Clark Podcasting insights (Last episode 9/2011)

Podcasting with Purpose – Judson Ovss (2 episodes and out)

Podcast Quick Tips – Short shows with one topic. – Ray Ortega

Start Talking and Recording Today – Nick Seuberling (last Episode 4/2012)

Your Podcast Questions Answered – Freddy Mixell (vanished)

Inside the Studio of the Podcaster – Scott Hertzog Discusses Podcast Equipment (august 2014)

Podcaster’s Group Therapy – Corey & Tawny  Fineran, Nick Seuberling

Podcast Dojo – Master the Art of Podcasting with Bryan Goodwin

Today in Podcasting – Rob Walch (Libsyn), Gary Leland (Podcast Pickle), Paul Colligan (Internet Marketer),